Aug 25, 2010

4 Things Marketers And Retailers Can Learn From Ralph Lauren’s Shoppable Storybook

The RL Gang is no ordinary storybook. It’s a shoppable video storybook from Ralph Lauren. The “fantastically amazing school adventure” is narrated by Harry Connick, Jr. and features an adorable (and adorably dressed) group of live-action children set against an animated background.

As the story unfolds, viewers are invited to move the mouse over the story to explore and shop. After enjoying the story, viewers can “look inside The RL Gang’s closets to shop their looks” or click through to shop all Ralph Lauren Children’s products. So what can marketers and retailers learn from the video storybook that Ladies Home Journal calls “a treat for the eyes“?

  1. Find new ways to present content and merchandise. Consumers have seen e-commerce websites, print ads, magalogues, and catalogues. But this shoppable storybook is something new. These days the focus is on whats new and what’s next; people love to discover and share new things. Unique presentation and excellent executions helps ideas, brands, and products to break through the overwhelming clutter of content and commerce.
  2. Give users opportunities to interact with content. As users click around the video and interact with content, they become more engaged with the products featured in the story. This kind of interaction leads users to shop the collections and share the story with others.
  3. Present content and merchandise in multiple media. In addition to being an online video storybook, The RL Gang is available as a hardcover storybook from Tikatok. This gives readers of all ages another way to engage with and share the trendy children’s clothing and charming illustrations featured in the story. To extend the reach of this storybook even further, RL stores could incorporate images of the children and other elements of the story into floor plans and window displays.
  4. Give back. Ralph Lauren is donating a percentage of online sales proceeds Harry Connick, Jr.’s charity New Orleans Habitat Musician’s Village. In addition, 15% of sales proceeds from the hardcover book will be donated to the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music in New Orleans.

Ralph Lauren bills The RL Gang as their “First Shoppable Chidren’s Storybook.” Hopefully that means there are more shoppable stories to come. To discover the story for yourself, click here.

The Ralph Lauren Gang

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