Aug 13, 2010

Social Media Smashup #5

Information overload? I know how you feel. Throughout the week, I scan industry headlines and explore my RSS feeds to stay on top of news and trends in new media and digital marketing. Every Friday I’ll be sharing stories from around the social web to inform and inspire you.

Social Media is the New Mainstream
Ogilvy released the OgilvyOne Connected Report on Frands – Friends, Brands and Social Media in China. According to the study, “Over the last three years, social media has gone from zero to internet hero.  And things are going to change.  Social media users are a new kind of consumer that instinctively incorporates brands and friends into their sharing communities. 26% of all social media users regularly start conversations.  They are content creators and they also publish their views and opinions. A further 29% are Commenters – people who may not initiate, but they do like to reach and comment on other people’s views.  And finally there are the Gawkers who prefer to browse and observe…The era of consuming is over.  The era of sharing had begun in earnest.  Social media is the new mainstream.”

Facebook 101 for Business
Social Media Examiner shared a Guide to Facebook 101 for Business. The guide shares tips for getting started with a personal profile and then segues into best practices for establishing a Facebook fan page. Social Media Examiner’s “Recommended Six-step Approach to Building Your Facebook Page” starts with establishing a clear objective and then creating strategies for design, content, promotion, engagement and conversion.

HOW TO: Pick the Right Social Media Engagement Style
In order to successfully engage with audiences online, brands must ensure that their social media engagement style is aligned with their overall brand, goals, and general persona. Mashable took a look at the top five engagement styles that currently dominate the social web.

The Power Of Immediate Feedback
PSFK shared some insights on the dynamics of game mechanics and the power of immediate feedback. To be engaging games must be fun and entertaining, competitive,  visual and rewarding. Several social/mobile applications (like Foursquare) tap into game mechanics to attract users, so it benefits marketers and brands to be aware of best practices of game mechanics and critical elements of games development and design.

35 of the Best Facebook Fan Pages
App Storm shared 35 of their favorite Facebook Fan Pages. The brands listed range from Adidas to Zappos and with examples from several industries including auto, beverage, film, restaurants and retail. The best way to learn about building a successful Facebook Fan Page is to explore and examine what some of the top brands are doing in this space, so take some time to explore these examples.

Tweet This
Twitter launched a Tweet button to make it even easier for users to share links via Twitter.

The Parting Shots Heard ‘Round the World
This week, two dramatic job exits made waves around the social web. One was a real swan song. The other was a hoax. Both stories “went viral” overnight in part because they are surprising, compelling and funny. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t relate to Steven Slater from JetBlue or Dry Erase Jenny on some level?

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