Dec 6, 2010

6 Ways To Enhance The In-Store Retail Experience With Mobile Marketing

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At the POPAI Breakthrough Thinking Conference on November 4th, Allison Mooney and Caleb Kramer of MobileBehavior shared insights on how consumers are using mobile devices while shopping and how marketers can embrace these trends to enhance the retail experience.

The consumer journey continues to evolve as consumer technologies evolve. Bricks and clicks are no longer separate. Due to the proliferation of smart phones and mobile devices, consumers have constant access to information and social connection. In addition, there is a continuous feedback cycle between offline and online behaviors. Increasingly, offline behaviors are moving online and online interactions influence offline behavior. The mobile experience has become a connection point that merges the online and offline experiences.

So which emerging mobile behaviors are influencing and shaping the in-store retail experience?

  • Making and accessing lists
  • Soliciting opinions and feedback from virtual shopping partners
  • Scanning and tagging products
  • Sharing location and purchases

These changes in mobile behaviors pose threats — and provide opportunities — for marketers. Savvy marketers will take advantage of the new opportunities to connect with consumers at the point of need and influence them at the point of purchase.

  1. Integrate social media into your sales, marketing and customer service initiatives. Develop and implement strategies for Social CRM to monitor conversations, generate leads, engage prospects and serve customers.
  2. Encourage customers to check in on location services like Facebook Places or Foursquare. Incentivize check-ins with rewards and specials.
  3. Consider price matching. Embrace the fact that nearly 1/4 of shoppers use their phone while in a store to competitively price shop an item. Offer to match competitive prices at other retailers. To compete with e-tailers, match the price of new products and factor the average shipping and handling costs into your offer. Experiment with mobile price matching as a loss leader promotion.
  4. Provide different ways to redeem coupons. Give customers the opportunity to redeem coupons via e-mail, text messages or mobile apps.
  5. Increase consumer loyalty by personalizing the shopping experience and by offering personalized product recommendations.
  6. Create mobile apps that connect with consumers at the point of need. For example, L’Oréal Paris and Nurun developed a beauty portal specifically designed for mobile platforms. The mobile app is an “integrated, interactive support center that places all of L’Oréal Paris’s beauty expertise at the consumer’s fingertips, on demand and at the point of need.”

Remember that “bits and bricks are no longer separate. Online is everywhere.” In order to effectively engage shoppers along the new consumer journey, marketers must embrace existing and emerging digital behaviors and find new ways to enhance the customer experience.

For more insights and inspiration, take a look at MobileBehavior’s presentation on The Connected Shopper – Mobile in Retail.

Disclosure: Nurun and L’Oréal launched the L’Oréal Paris iPhone site in 2007. As of November 2010, I’m a team member at the Atlanta office of Nurun.

Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography on Flickr

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